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One of the best experiences I have had in a long while has been working with Ania Glowacka. In March, my son challenged me to do the Tough Mudder with him at Whistler, B.C. At 62, this was not on my bucket list of things to do, but I accepted the challenge. Having not been active for a while I knew I would need professional guidance in conditioning to survive the experience. I was lucky enough to find Ania Glowacka. She developed a program that was based on my plan to do the Tough Mudder in two months. She has been very supportive, professional and understanding. Don’t let her beautiful smile fool you as she will work your butt off, but knows when to back off when necessary. If you work with her, you will not be disappointed and will be a better person for the experience. Oh, and by the way when she gets that “sparkle” in her eyes you know the resistance is going to get cranked up on whatever you are doing. I survived the Tough Mudder and earned my orange head band. At the finish line, Anias’ smile and sparkle was there with me.
– John Keselyak Jr


My husband and I recently retired and our first goal upon retirement was to look after ourselves and get back into shape. We both wanted to join a gym that was close to home. Ania who is my Personal Trainer is very knowledgeable in her field and provides lots of encouragement in order to achieve your goals. I am very encouraged with the results so far. I am doing things that I thought I would never do, with Ania’s encouragement I started attending the Cardio Kick Boxing classes and I absolutely love it. I’m also attending other aerobic classes and have personal training once per week. Outside of the gym I am walking the beautiful dykes and trails in Pitt Meadows and have recently gone back to ballroom dancing. I don’t think I would be doing all this if it were not for working with Ania. My heartfelt thanks.
– Karen C.


With a custom diet and training plan Ania has helped me achieve a
healthy heart, strong core, and more confident self. Thank you!
– Ian F.


Ania embodies positive change. Through consistency, dedication to my goals while issuing positive feedback and encouragement, she coached me in changing my mindset while also training my body. After only a short while, I now go about my day to day with a whole new level of confidence, a level of confidence that Ania inspired. It is truly a blessing to be able to work with her.
– Jessica M.

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