Is there something that you chose to do every day that has had a lasting effect

Last week was a tough week for me.

For those of you who know me and my coaching, I truly believe in consistency not perfection.  I believe that life long health and emotional goals are reached through being consistent with the plans we set out for ourselves: that though we may not follow through on our plans perfectly, when we do struggle or stumble that we get back up, learn from our experience and continue to move forward without guilt or shame.

Despite my daily intentions to be consistent with my health goals last week, I found myself really struggling.  I did not exercise as I had intended.  I did not eat as I had intended.  I did not meditate as I intended.  Despite my knowledge to the contrary, I began to notice that I wanted to make choices based on avoidance rather than dealing with how I was feeling: tv, food, sleep as some examples.  Despite just being feelings, they felt incredibly powerful and I was left feeling as though I was no longer in control of my choices on how to cope with them.

Thankfully, I was able to work my way through the emotions and release them, though I will admit that it wasn’t easy.  For me, when I am truly in those darker mood places, though I say to myself I want to feel better, the true motivation to do anything about it is gone.

I wanted to share how I was able to do that.  For myself, it was all about starting small and releasing the need to fix it right away.  I told myself that for right now, I simply need to make one choice every day (no matter how small) that involved me doing something that I knew would make me feel better from journaling, or reading an uplifting book, or going for a walk, or even just listening to a guided meditation (which didn’t even involve me having to get out of bed!) to tapping.  Just one thing.

This removed the pressure I was unknowingly placing on myself that I wasn’t doing my daily health routine perfectly.  Instead I chose to honor where I was in the moment, and start small.

My one thing, began to have a snowball effect and before I knew it, I was back on track.

I was again shown that our journey is not about perfection, but consistency.  I may not have been as consistent with my routine as I usually, but I did make the choice to be consistent with regards to where I was in that moment and honor what I could do.  This made all the difference to getting back to where I want to be.  And, if I take a moment to look at the big picture, I was in fact truly consistent the entire time.

Sometimes it’s the small choices we choose to make in our day that can end up making a big difference.  I would love to hear of a time when you found a small choice make a big impact, or is there something that you chose to do every day that has had a lasting effect?

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Ania Glowacka is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & Holistic Life Coach. She has been working in the industry for over 10 years and certified for 8 of those years. As a youth she successfully tackled her own health & weight issues, and now her passion lies in helping others do the same. Ania Glowacka works in supporting others in reaching their goals so they can be the best version of themselves through habit retraining, diet retraining and exercise retraining. “With over ten years in the industry, I have found that time and time again there is a huge mental and emotional component to reaching goals which often gets ignored. I am extremely dedicated to each of my clients. Through coaching and personal training, my focus is to change life-long negative habits while working through the emotions that accompany change. Together we work towards creating a positive mindset, accompanied with a personalized exercise and nutrition plan to ensure not only short term results, but life-long ones as well. It is my promise to you that together we will get you to where you’ve always wanted to be.” She is also a mother of two beautiful daughters and is currently in school for her counselling diploma.

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