What do food cravings say about you?

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Have you ever wanted a chocolate cupcake so badly, you didn’t catch a single word during that meeting just salivating over it? Or a burger so desperately, you were willing to drive 1,5 hours just to make sure you got it? Have you ever left everything you were doing, and at the most inconvenient time, and during the worst weather conditions, to get to a cafe no matter how far it may have been, just to get a cup of coffee? So you are probably familiar with food cravings then. Cravings are not quite the same as hunger, in fact they couldn’t be more different. Hunger is controlled by the stomach and craving by the brain. Hunger is all about your survival mechanism and craving is all about your body communicating with you. Next time you have a craving like something sweet, ask yourself – “is it just sugar I am craving? I mean, will I be satisfied by sucking on a sugar cube or is it something more specific? Perhaps chocolate?” If the answer is indeed chocolate,  it is your body’s way of letting you know you may be deficient in Magnesium, because raw cacao is the highest source of magnesium. Knowing this you can find all the foods that have high content of this nutrient and by slowly adding them to your diet, you can rid of recurring cravings for good. Read full article here >>