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Ania Glowacka is a Holistic Life Coach, BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist with Twist Sport Balance and Twist Sport Strength training as well as a mother of two. Drawing on seven years of experience, she has worked with clients to achieve all health and fitness goals from weight loss to weight gain; muscle gain; post physiotherapy; pre and post natal; sport specific and functionality training.

My Story

When I was young, I wasn’t popular. I didn’t hang out with the cool kids. I wasn’t active. Sports scared me as I was too afraid of being competitive, I was too afraid of not being good enough and letting my team down. I preferred to be alone. You could always find my nose in a book. I sat at the back of the class when I had the chance. I rarely raised my hand up, though I usually knew the answer, knowing that all eyes would be on me if I did. Despite my introverted nature, I always had friends. I always told myself that I was the lucky one because despite never being part of the “in” crowd, I never got picked on or bullied. I worked hard and mostly kept to myself.

I was, however, overweight. I remember not liking being that way, but then again, I was lucky because I had a great family who loved me no matter what and never made me feel anything but loved. Looking back now, I realize just how “crazy” teenage hormones are. For me, volatile hormones mixed with my family history along with personal family problems, I struggled with depression. At one of my lowest points, I turned to cutting myself. For me it was a way to switch the intense feelings of despair to something else, even if it was just for a moment. At my ultimate lowest, I prepared for suicide. I say prepared because thankfully that’s as far as I got. I must have had an angel looking over me that day because at that moment my close friend a feeling I was in trouble and showed up at my door unexpectedly and stopped me. God bless her because she was so worried for me she called all of my friends, told them I needed support and we all went out to dinner. It was then sitting at dinner that I took a good look at our table. It was full of people. I’m not talking about one of those small tables that seat four, but one of the super long ones that you get when you’re having a birthday dinner. There were over ten people sitting there. Over ten people who within half an hours’ notice dropped what they were doing to go out to dinner with me because I needed help. It was at that moment I decided that I was going to make a change. I owed it to these people who cared about me. More importantly, I owed it to myself. They saw something in me, so why couldn’t I?

It was then that my doctor sat me down and informed me that I had two choices. 1) I go on an anti-depressant while continuing with my current life-style and possibly remain on them for the rest of my life. 2) I go on an anti-depressant and change my lifestyle to a healthier one by eating properly and exercising regularly. Well, being the stubborn one that I am, I chose option number three: no pills but do everything I could do to change my lifestyle to a healthier one.

After a few trial and errors, many times of falling off the wagon and getting back on again, it started working. I went from walking to running; replacing sweets with unprocessed foods; and being shy and introverted to having confidence to try new things (I even joined the school’s volleyball team that year).

Since then, I’ve never looked back. Depression was a thing of the past. Don’t get me wrong, I do get sad, we all do, but I now have the tools and understanding on what to do in those moments.

I began to pay attention to my body and what it was telling me. I became aware of what articles I gravitated to and began to trust again what felt right for me. Because of this awareness, I became a vegetarian and watched so many amazing positive changes happen to me as a result (weight loss, increased energy, better moods etc). And the best part of it all, was that these changes were permanent: a true lifestyle transformation.

I am telling you my story and journey because we all have one. Each of our stories is different, but each is just as important. Each of our stories or path is there to teach us something and to help us grow if we are open to listen. Each of our health needs are unique and each of us has the power within us to know exactly what those unique needs are. I was lucky to have help, guidance and support when I needed it. It is that help and support that I want to give back to others and it is my motivation for all that I do.

My name is Ania Glowacka. I am a Health Coach certified in Personal Training (BCRPA), Nutritional Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching and have my counselling diploma. I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over ten years doing various jobs as personal training, life coaching, gym management, teaching fitness classes, event co-ordination and nutritional coaching. I have an avid passion for health and am always doing research to expand my knowledge. I have trained myself for events like marathons, day long hikes and body building competitions. I am constantly aiming to expand my awareness to my body’s needs and coach others to do the same. As well as my career, I am a single mother of two beautiful girls.

It is my vision that everyone enjoys an active healthy lifestyle no matter what their past story because that is not what defines us. Each one of us has our own path and journey to health: there is no one cookie cutter approach. It is my vision that we each learn what health looks like to us. It is my vision that we each re-learn to listen to our body and heart in relation to diet, exercise and self-care to what approach or technique will best serve our individual needs.

It is my vision to inspire and empower as many as I can to easily, excitedly and passionately achieve their health goals.

Mission: To inspire and empower as many women as I can around the world to easily, excitedly and passionately achieve their health goals.

What does Ania Fit stand for?

1. You are worth it and you deserve it: Everyone deserve to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle: it is everyone’s right. It doesn’t matter what happened in your past as your past in simply experiences to learn from and not a justification to limit your greatness. Your body is designed to heal and nothing you have done in the past cannot be undone. Through posts, videos, social media updates, programs and services, I am here to support and remind you of this fact so that you understand and know your worthiness.

2. Where there is a will, there is a way: Believe and you can achieve: you can do it! You have every capability to be unstoppable. Your past is not indicative of your future. And, for those moments when you may feel otherwise or struggle with the belief that you can do it, myself and the group will be there day in and day out believing in you and reminding you that you can. We are going to be there to cheer you on though social media and the website, all you have to do is stay connected.

3. Support: You are not alone and I and the group are here to remind you of that every day. We are here to celebrate with you through your successes and catch you when you fall. We are here to encourage you to keep going even when you feel you can’t because we know without a doubt that you can. We are here to offer insight and guidance or to simply be that supporting ear who listens.

4. Empower: I am here to empower you every day with words that ring true to get the passion and excitement going inside of you. I am here to not only empower you to know that you can do it (because you can), but to also empower you to face any challenges with power and confident determination. I am here to catch you in the idle moments to remind you just how powerful you are.

5. Authenticity: You are amazing just as you are. It is easy to get lost in the story of who you believe you should be or who you believe that others want you to be. I am here to help guide you through you own health journey in finding what is right for you and to remind you that while the right health goals are beneficial and can be expansive to one’s personal development, that the true authentic you is perfect just as you are.

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