Mindful Exercise

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It is now common knowledge that being active throughout the day is one of the key factors to optimal health. It is also common knowledge that, with our technological advances, our daily physical activity has decreased. This leaves us knowing we must bring more physical activity into our lives, and, at the same time, creates many more unanswered questions! Our intentions are good: we want to start, but how and with what and for how long? We are inundated with information telling us this exercise is the best, while another tells us why it isn’t. We see and hear about friends and colleagues who work out two to four hours a day, or who run 10mile runs for fun all swearing that their strategy is the best. The truth is, they are all correct because it is the best routine that works for them. The true key to proper fitness is to find an activity that you love. When you do an activity that you enjoy, it promotes consistency. Consistency is the key to life-long physical health. When you are involved in an activity that you enjoy, even the “work” part of that activity changes from being daunting to inspiring. Starting out any new form of exercise will feel difficult at first and will require a mental push to keep going, but when you find the right exercise for you, you will want to keep going and keep pushing. You will naturally begin to set performance goals for yourself. Your focus will shift from “Uuuggghhhh I have to do this because it’s good for me but I truly want to be doing anything but” to “Well that was tough, but I wonder how much [...]

Eating with Self-Awareness

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We are what we eat. This statement couldn’t be truer. In the journey to reaching optimal health, diet relates to 80% of the equation. What we choose to eat, the quality of the food we choose to eat and the amounts of food we eat all play an important part in that equation. With so many choices on the market today, how do we decide which options are the best? With so many recommendations on portion sizes and other diet related topics, how do we decipher which advice is right? The answer is simple: We listen to what our body is telling us. Babies and toddlers are prime examples of ones who listen to what their body is telling them and eat with self-awareness. What may be perceived as picky is really their inner-self telling them what is the best option for them. They are aware of when they are hungry and when they are full. Babies and toddlers will never let themselves starve: If they appear to eat very little one day, they will more than likely eat more the next day. When presented with a healthy and nutritious variety of food, they will always make choices that are best suited for them. Though parents have the best interest at heart, it is the repetitive conditionings of “Finish everything on your plate, there are kids out there who don’t get to eat” or “If you want desert you need to eat all your dinner” or “Great job, you deserve a treat” that we begin to replace our ability to listen to our internal cues and replace them with the external conditioning. Our body strives to be in optimal health every day. Our body tells [...]

Is there something that you chose to do every day that has had a lasting effect

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Last week was a tough week for me. For those of you who know me and my coaching, I truly believe in consistency not perfection.  I believe that life long health and emotional goals are reached through being consistent with the plans we set out for ourselves: that though we may not follow through on our plans perfectly, when we do struggle or stumble that we get back up, learn from our experience and continue to move forward without guilt or shame. Despite my daily intentions to be consistent with my health goals last week, I found myself really struggling.  I did not exercise as I had intended.  I did not eat as I had intended.  I did not meditate as I intended.  Despite my knowledge to the contrary, I began to notice that I wanted to make choices based on avoidance rather than dealing with how I was feeling: tv, food, sleep as some examples.  Despite just being feelings, they felt incredibly powerful and I was left feeling as though I was no longer in control of my choices on how to cope with them. Thankfully, I was able to work my way through the emotions and release them, though I will admit that it wasn’t easy.  For me, when I am truly in those darker mood places, though I say to myself I want to feel better, the true motivation to do anything about it is gone. I wanted to share how I was able to do that.  For myself, it was all about starting small and releasing the need to fix it right away.  I told myself that for right now, I simply need to make one choice every day (no [...]