Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

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Subconscious Patterns of Behavior Certain patterns of behavior happen automatically because specific routines are repeated regularly and repetitively which are then programmed into the subconscious mind. Our bodies are amazing at learning and adapting. They are constantly searching for ways to work the most efficiently. This is the reason we build muscle: our body builds muscle when weight is repetitively lifted to make it easier for the body to lift the weight the next time. Our minds form habits as a way to save effort used when actions or routines are done consistently and repetitively. The repetitive routine, such as driving the same route to work day after day, becomes logged into your subconscious mind. It is your subconscious mind that acts as your auto pilot requiring less energy. This is why you are able to drive to work some days and not remember at all how you got there. Unfortunately, the brain is unable to decipher between good and bad routines when it comes to storing them in your subconscious. If repeated long enough, even a self-sabotaging pattern of behavior will become stored in the subconscious and done without any conscious thought. To make matters worse, if a stored pattern of behavior has been triggered and the subconscious routine has started, it has to be completed the exact way it was programmed or else it leaves a feeling of unease or anxiety. It is for this reason that not brushing your teeth in the morning (a routine that you have executed for years) can leave you feeling uneasy even if you are not initially consciously aware of the reason why. These patterns of behavior can translate into our routines with food, exercise and our [...]